Cleaning Deposit Refund Policy

We want to make everyone’s time and use of Windy Stitches Retreat an enjoyable experience, so these are our cleaning guidelines.

We expect you to ensure that you leave the retreat clean and furniture arranged the way it was when you arrived. Windy Stitches Retreat will take care of laundering the sheets and towels, general vacuuming, mopping and dusting. However, the retreat should be left in a “clean” condition to ensure deposit is refunded.

Some key items for cleaning deposit refund ~

  • Furniture is returned to original location – in other words put it back to the way it was when you arrived
  • Kitchen is left in a clean condition. Dishes are washed and returned to the cabinets and countertops, stove and all surfaces are cleaned.
  • Refrigerator is clean

Some items that may be deducted from your cleaning deposit ~

  • Broken or missing furnishings
  • Excessive staining from spillage on furniture and carpet
  • Kitchen left in an unclean state (ie dirty dishes, messy surfaces etc)
  • Smoking in any of the retreat facilities!

Basic cleaning supplies are provided. Should you need other than the basic cleaning supplies, you are expected to provide them (ie carpet cleaner for stains etc).

If all items have been completed and you left the retreat in an overall good condition, you will be refunded your entire cleaning deposit. However, if these items are not done to an acceptable degree, you will forfeit your cleaning deposit. Please just ensure that everything is left how you found it.

In some cases we may deduct only a portion of the cleaning deposit but we are under no obligation to “charge only for those items which are unsatisfactory”. We reserve the right to retain the entire deposit at our discretion.

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